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How To Dress an Apple Body Shape

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How to dress  an Apple Body Shape.

Have your recognized the characteristics of your apple body shape?
If you have you might have already established them, full breasts & a wide back, slim arms, slim hips, wide shoulders, and when you gain weight in it is in the center zone of your body. To summarize it, your upper body is heavier than your lower body


A-line Cut Dresses (Straight A-Line)

A-Line Dresses are designed to be narrow at the waist and to widen lower towards the hip. This cut is an excellent way to conceal the tummy whilst giving proportion to the hips.  The eyes will naturally be drawn to the top where it starts, and the bottom where it ends, bringing the attention to your neckline and legs.

Keep it straight, plain & simple.

A good visual trick to decrease the focus on your belly would be to choose dresses with a plain cut/pattern from top to bottom. Having a drape/ruching/pleats/wrap on the dress would draw attention to the belly and that is the look you are trying to avoid. Avoid wearing belts as they draw a lot of attention to the middle of the body. If you like a dress that comes with a tie around belt, don’t shy away from it, just tie the belt very loosely. Avoid these two things and you’re good to go!


thedressroom jovani evening 92002p_preview_


Block Color Dresses

Block Color Dresses, are dresses which use solid colors to your advantage by placing them strategically around your body. Since black is slimming, incorporating black & bright colors, make your waist look slimmer than it is. Look for dresses that have solid sides of black with a different color in the middle that continues all the way from the top of the dress down to the bottom.


1. 2. 3.

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If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, so why not hide it?

The perfect trick to help you conceal that extra pouch, would be with an Empire Waist Dress. Empire Waist Dresses is an intelligent style invented to conceal pregnant tummies. Empire dresses cut right under the bust (on the higher waist) and flairs down. This is conceals any extra pounds that you put on during the holidays! The Empire waist enhances the fullness of the breast, and hides away the extra tummy, therefore it’s genius, because it  enhances your assets and hides away your flaws.


Apple Shaped Celebrities:



Stay tuned for more tips on body shape!

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How to dress a Pear Shaped Body

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If you read our last blog,  you would have established your body shape. For those of you who are interested in hearing more about how to conceal your “assets” and look absolutely stunning, keep reading our blogs!

Today, we’re going to write about the Pear Body Shape.


It is very important to choose the correct length of a dress. A pear-shaped body can make you look shorter than you actually are, so the idea is to chose a length that elongates your body.  Finding a dress that elongates your body, instantly gives you a slimmer look, it gives you height as well as it gives your body a more balanced look.

What is your ideal length? Try to stick to something that ends just about where your knees are, or you can go below knee.  This length gives your body a leaner & longer look.

Nue by Shani dresses are the ideal length. They end perfectly just at the knee or slightly below. Nue by Shani also has built in body shapers, and are designed to make you look one size smaller.


Elements on a dress

The idea of having different details on a dress is to attract attention to a different part of your body. Ruched waist, waist belt tie, shoulder padding, deep back, just about anything that will redirect the focus from the bottom down to the top up. Details like having a flare skirt or an empire cut on the top or even both can create an excellent event on a pear shape body. Having a flare bottom covers the widest part of the body, and having a fitted empire cut, accentuates the slimmest part of the body.

Take a look at these Terani Dresses. 





Both the dresses above are flare at the bottom.
The Navy Blue Terani on the left (Product Code: M2249) is an elegant jacket look, which would focus on the slimmest part of the body, the deep v-neck gives you that oomph factor which is that hint of sexiness with the long sleeves, giving you a more subtle conservative look.

The Black Terani on the right (Product Code: E2195) gives you this glamorous yet hot and sexy look. The flare skirt covers the wider parts of the body, whereas the drapes & ruche enhances the slimmer parts. To top it off the asymmetrical one shoulder strap leaves you looking stunning and sexy making your shoulders look narrow.

Top Embellished Dresses creates a great balance for the shape. The detailing on the upper body creates an automatic focus on the slimmer part of the body, the plain/solid bottom half, creates lesser attention on the wider parts. Take a look at the Jovani dress below for instance. It is the most flattering style for a pear-shaped body!


theDRESSroom jovani strapless evening dress 88082p_preview_


Other styles to consider would be : Wrap Dresses, Empire Cut Dresses, Low-neck dresses, fitted waist styles!

Pear-Shaped Celebrities: Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna all have pear-shaped bodies.



Stay tuned for more tips on body shape!

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What shape are you?

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Ever so often, we shop online and fall for a dress that we believe might look “flattering” on us, and then comes the dress, and as we try it on we realize in disappointment, “Hang on! it doesn’t look the same on me, as it did on the model!” Don’t be disappointed!  There’s a way to fix that, and because believes that every girl deserves to look beautiful no matter what they’re size, shape or complexion is, we are going to help you fix that!

1. Establish what shape you are: Are you an apple? a pear? a strawberry? or an hour glass? What shape are you



2. Once you determine your shape, follow our guidelines to find your perfect dress.

If you’re an apple, you’re looking for something like a wrap dress, or something fitted from the top and slightly looser from the bottom. This look will enhance your assets and cover your flaws. Sheath dresses & Shift dresses are an excellent option. Something with a simple cut that will not concentrate on any one particular part of your body.

Avoid: Body Contouring dresses, Body Contouring Dresses/Bandage dresses are extremely fitted and bring too much attention and accentuate your “chubby” parts.

If you’re shopping at, take a look at Nue By Shani, these dresses are designed to make you look ONE SIZE SMALLER! Can you beat that?


If you’re an hour glass figure, if you have it, flaunt it! Feel free to slip into a sexy bandage dress and flaunt your curves away!

Avoid: loose fitted dresses, why hide it, when you’re sexy and you know it, you should really just show it!


For you pear shaped people, who have a smaller waists and larger hips. As much as it seems like an issue when you’re dressing up, it truly isnt! Having a smaller waist allows you to dress in fitted empire dresses with flare skirts.  Go for something with lots of fabric on it, it there’s no way you can’t look fabulous in one of those! Stick to dresses which cut at the waist, this way they emphasize your waist and make your hips less prominent. Try a Terani Flare gown!

Avoid: Peplum Dresses, Body Con Dresses, Bandage Dresses, Mermaid/Fish cut dresses and flare dresses cut at the empire. These dresses are so fitted, that they put way too much attention to the hips.


and lastly,

If you’re strawberry shaped with a heavy bust and a narrow waist & hip, go for something flattering, something that’s not TOO tight from the top, but not too loose either. Loose dresses can be very unflattering in this case. Stick to Bluson Dresses, or In cut sleeves dresses with a high neck/collar.

Avoid: Loose fitted dresses, empire cut dresses or dresses that cut above the chest.


3. Once you’re done determining your shape & style, scroll over to our SIZE page. Don’t be lazy to pull out a measuring tape and measure yourself to find your correct size. Finding your correct size, leaves you with less space for disappointment when you receive your ideal style, but the size is too big or small! Have a look at the size chart for each respective designer on the website.

Now stop reading, and get clicking! Lots of shopping to be done! Visit us at and feel free to contact us for any further assistance, we are eager to help you out! Shopping can be fun, if you take the opportunity at hand to make it more fun! Happy Shopping my readers.




Carmen Marc Valvo at theDRESSroom!

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Best known for his tailored fit and form-fitting dresses, Carmen Marc Valvo had indeed proven to be standout of the fashion industry, consistently stepping up to fit the needs of today’s sophisticated woman. Through his exquisitely crafted gowns and luxurious separates Carmen has set a new standard for American evening wear. Check out the fabulous collection at The Dress including everything from cocktail dresses, evening dresses and formal gown!

A classic “little black dress” featuring a form-fitting silhouette that will keep your look smooth and polished for day or night. Wear it with a sleek ponytail and smokey eyes for a glamorous spin on sporty chic.


Mon Cheri at theDRESSroom!

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A wide selection of full length and tea length dress suits, elegant ball gowns and chic formal dress sets in silk chiffon, silky crepe , satin and prganza. Mon Cheri provides styles for both informal and formal affairs offering upscale evening gowns and high-end dress suits in one-of-a-kind silhouettes and fine silk fabrics. Its expansive variety and stylish design deem Mon Cheri in designer dresses and gowns.

The beginning of this beautiful gown is a strapless sweetheart neckline over sweet layers of ruching. The asymmetrical end to the top, leads to the skirt below, where a bold, beautifully patterned overlay rests on top of the skirt and as a full skirt, extends a bit bit more dramatically away from the body. Enjoy basking in the sunlight of walking around in this design.